Friday, 18 December 2009

narcissistic suicidal aggression

Three recent studies on narcissism show:

1. Narcissists are motivated to achieve a desired outcome (probably further personal glory) but not that motivated to avoid a negative outcome.

2. Depressive symptoms induce paranoid symptoms in narcissistic personalities (but not narcissistic symptoms in paranoid personalities).

3. On-line gamers are reported to be high on the narcissism and aggression, and low on self-control. (see Grand Theft Auto)

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"Narcissistic Suicidal Aggression"

In "Remarks on Psychic Causality," Lacan coins the term "narcissistic suicidal aggression" (aggression suicidaire narcissique) to express the fact that the erotic-aggressive character of the narcissistic infatuation with the specular image can lead the subject to self-destruction (as the myth of Narcissus also illustrates)

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