Friday, 23 April 2010

thoughts web

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  1. Dear Annie,

    I am writing to tell you that I came across your blog when I Googled "echo, narcissism, and picnolepsy" as part of my research for my thesis a month or so ago. I'd been planning to discuss Ovid's "Echo and Narcissus" myth in relation to James Joyce's Ulysses, and like you, have also read Virilio's "The Aesthetics of Disappearance". In your "web" above you've mapped out for me many of my own thoughts more clearly than I could have, and also gave me some new ideas!

    However, I've decided to take a new direction for my thesis work, and no longer plan to involve the "Echo and Narcissus" myth as explicitly. But I will be "writing"/creating through images an alternate/sub "antithesis", and would like to use your "thoughts web" in it. Would this be alright with you? And if so, when I cite you, how would you like to be credited?

    I'm also sharing this page with a good friend, who is a sound engineer/recording artist, via Facebook, as I think she will be interested in your work! I hope you don't mind.

    Feel free to contact at my e-mail address, to respond.

    Best wishes,
    Adrienne Lisa