Thursday, 11 November 2010

Wobble Squid (auralia oscillia)

Auralia Oscillia

The Wobbling Moon Jellyfish, commonly known as the 'Wobble Squid' is a sea jelly that resembles a floating mushroom, closely related to the Aurelia Aurita or common Moon Jellyfish (dt. Ohrenqualle). Four horseshoe shaped gonads situated at the bottom of the stomach are a distinctive feature of the Moon Jellyfish.

In Eastern mythology, the jellyfish tried to deceive the dragon king Rinjin, who then beat him and pulled out all the bones of his body. Indeed, Moon Jellyfish possess neither bones nor brain, heart, blood, head, eyes or ears and consist basically of a floating mouth/anus and digestive system. Thus, the Moon Jellyfish can be appreciated for its simplistic anatomy and vengeful and poisonous nature.

In contrast to the common Moon Jellyfish, the Auralia Oscillia emits a low frequency oscillation perceived as a low wobbling sound as their sting cells or nematocysts prepare to emit poison in order to capture prey. This mutation is currently understood to function in the deep sea by stunning prey before stinging as an extra mode of attack.

Part of

Varia zoosystematica profundorum

Experimental studies in deep sea communication

Generative Art/Computational Art Class (Alberto de Campo), UdK Berlin

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