Monday, 28 May 2012

formantika @Crelleklang 2012

threads & traces – Klänge zwischen Punkt, Strich und Linie
über 29 Lautsprecher an Fassaden der Crellestraße 5-17
sechs Kompositionen der Künstlergruppe Berg 26
6 Wochentage – 6 Kompositionen
mo – sa, 17.00- 17.15 Uhr
29.Mai bis 8.September 2012

Formantika - Annie Goh

The vowels of a live geo-located Twitter-feed around Crellestraße (Berlin Schöneberg) are sonified using the formants of the artist's own voice. Abstracted vowel sounds can be heard via this technological stream, though their semantic value is lost. The composition is generated anew every Tuesday.

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