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Adventures in Sonic Fiction

The starting point: Kodwo Eshun's book 'More Brilliant than the Sun - Adventures in Sonic Fiction' (Quartet Books, London, 1998).

"All these trogdlodytic homilies are Great British cretinism masquerading as vectors into the Trad Sublime" [-007]

"...More Brilliant goes farther in. It lingers lovingly inside a single remix, explores the psychoacoustic fictional spaces of interludes and intros, goes to extremes to extrude the illogical that other studies flee." [-004]

"Where crits of CyberCult still gather, 99.9% of them will lament the disembodiment of the human by technology. But machines don't distance you from your emotions, in fact quite the opposite. Sound machines make you feel more intensely, along a broader band of emotional spectra than ever before in the 20th Century." [-002]

All inspirational quotes taken from introductory chapter "Operating System for the Redesign of Sonic Reality"

The Sonotronic Manifesto

The 10 Point Program of The Sonotronic Manifesto

1. SONICFICTION breaks with the obligation to the STREET by destroying the compulsory deference to BIOGRAPHY

2. Pop RESCUES unpop from its admirers by defridgerating the CONCEPTECHNICS of the avant garde from the icebox of its admirers.

3. Science fiction is theory on FASTFORWARD.

4. Consciousness is a SEMI_PERMEABLE MEMBRANE persistently mistaken for an identity.

5. You are a population. Have you been feeling YOURSELVESlately?

6. The sampler doesn't care who you are. It's only using you to reproduce.

7. The SAMPLEFINDER assembles digital myths from todays datastream. MECHANO-INFORMATIC MYSTICISM is tomorrows science dreamed today.

8. COMPUTERMUSIC obliges us to confuse information with mystery.

9. The CONCEPTENGINEER does not dispel confusion: she ORGANIZES it along several planes at once.

10. YOU are the alien YOU looking for.
DEE in an interview with K Eshun for
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