Monday, 23 November 2009


"fictions that make themselves real"


"The situation is closer to the modern phenomenon of hype than to religious belief as we'd ordinarily think about it. Hype actually makes things happen, and uses belief as a positive power. Just because it's not "real" now, doesn't mean it won't be real at some point in the future. And once it's real, in a sense, it's always been."


"Burroughs construed writing – and art in general – not aesthetically, but functionally, - that is to say, magically, with magic defined as the use of signs to produce changes in reality. "

"OGU’s (One God Universe) power works through fictions that repudiate their own fictional status: antifictions and unnonfictions. ‘And that,’ Kaye said, ‘is why fiction can be a weapon in the struggle against Control.'"

‘You can see that Burroughs’s writing involves the highest possible stakes,’ Kaye wrote. ‘It does not represent cosmic war: it is already a weapon in that war. It is not surprising that the forces ranged against him – the many forces ranged against him, you can’t overestimate their influence on this planet – sought to neutralize that weapon. It was a matter of the gravest urgency that his works be classified as fantasies, experimental dada, anything but that they should be recognized as what they are: technologies for altering reality.’

All quotes taken from CCRU on William Burroughs and hyperstition

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