Thursday, 26 November 2009


In a World of Echo

"As soon as you have echo, listening has to completely change. You ear has to chase the sound. Instead of the beat being this one event in time, it becomes this series of retreating echoes, like a tail of sound. The beat becomes a tail which is always disappearing round the corner and your ear has to start chasing it. If you're wearing headphones or a walkman it becomes a chase through the headphones. The Echoplex turns listening into running. You can't catch the beat, the tails of sound as they turn the corner, disappear down a corridor. From King Tubby to Basic Channel, the cymbal is always just out of reach, always taking the corner of perception. Where rhythm should be there is space, and vice versa. Spectral dub pivots around an absent beat."

04 Quote taken from 'more Brilliant than the Sun' p64


"...When you double, or dub, you replicate, reinvent, make one of many versions. ... The composition has been decomposed, already, by the technology. Dubbing, at its very best, takes each bit and imbues it with a new life, turning a rational order of musical sequences into an ocean of sensation"

Taken from David Toop's 'Ocean of Sound' p 115

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