Monday, 28 December 2009

MJ Speaks ?

MJ speaks by wivvhoom

"An experiment with EVPmaker for windows. Using methods and software developed by EVP researcher Stefan Bion and following the basic principles of the speech synthesis method of EVP research, I have attempted to make contact with the ghost of Michael Jackson. This is one of my first attempts"

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Speech synthesis method of EVP

Stefan Bion's homepage which aims "Einblicke zu gewähren in Vorgänge, die normalerweise im Verborgenen liegen". He has made several free software programs for windows to download with the aim of generating EVP recordings by providing the raw material to act as a carrier for the voices, "paranormal transformations of the raw material".

Here is the manual to the software EVPMaker:

This method is inspired by the statement of former president of the German Association for Transcommunication Research Fidelio Köberle (Vereins für Transkommunikations-Forschung (VTF)e.V.) in 1988 -

"[...] ein künstlich hergestelltes Rohmaterial zur Verfügung zu stellen, etwa analog dem bereits vielfach benutzten Wasserplätschern oder dem Geräusch bei der Reibemethode (Struck). Ideal könnte sein ein synthetisch laufend hergestelltes Rohmaterial, das der Sprache so nah wie möglich kommt. So nah wie möglich deshalb, um den Gesprächspartnern auf der anderen Seite zu erlauben, mit möglichst geringem Energieaufwand daraus echte Sprache zu machen. Geringer Energieaufwand deshalb, weil wir wissen, daß es dann am besten funktioniert (siehe Umformungen). Das Material dürfte natürlich noch keine Sprache sein, sich aber leicht in sinnvolle Sprache verwandeln lassen. Es müßte ohne Periodizität sprudeln. Es sollte Pausen enthalten, wie normales Sprechen auch. Ohne Einsatz von Zufallsgeneratoren für die Variation von Ton und Pausen wird man nicht auskommen. [...]"

(eng translation):
"[...] to provide an artificially generated raw material, like for instance the often used noise from rippling water or Struck's "rubbing method". Ideal could be a continuously produced synthetic raw material which comes as close to speech as possible. As close as possible in order to allow the interlocutors on the other side to form real speech from it using as little energy as possible. Little energy, because we know that this works best (see transformations). The raw material must of course not already be speech but should be transformed into reasonable speech easily. It should bubble without periodicity. It should, like usual speech, contain pauses. Without the use of random generators this won't be managed. [...]"

[source: [1] Source: VTF-Post P 51, issue 2/88 - 1.4.1988, page 42]

Stefan Bion decided to use a 'real' random number generator for the focus of potential paranormal influences, with each random number assigned to a certain phoneme of the German language. "With a little practice, the originators of the voices should be able to synthesize their messages by influencing the RNG mentally..."

Friday, 18 December 2009

Edith Lecourt

“Echo is an automatic, dehumanized response, which breaks any relation...The interpretation that is given, presents echo as a punishment, a conviction which, through speech reaches the true essence of human beings, making it meaningless. Elusive, inaccessible, Echo is everywhere, it haunts us."

Quote Edith Lecourt, "Le Sonore er les limites du soui" Bulletin de psychologie, 36, no. 360 (1983), 577-82

Edith Lecourt's Blog
(in French)

narcissistic suicidal aggression

Three recent studies on narcissism show:

1. Narcissists are motivated to achieve a desired outcome (probably further personal glory) but not that motivated to avoid a negative outcome.

2. Depressive symptoms induce paranoid symptoms in narcissistic personalities (but not narcissistic symptoms in paranoid personalities).

3. On-line gamers are reported to be high on the narcissism and aggression, and low on self-control. (see Grand Theft Auto)

Source and image:

"Narcissistic Suicidal Aggression"

In "Remarks on Psychic Causality," Lacan coins the term "narcissistic suicidal aggression" (aggression suicidaire narcissique) to express the fact that the erotic-aggressive character of the narcissistic infatuation with the specular image can lead the subject to self-destruction (as the myth of Narcissus also illustrates)

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