Monday, 3 December 2012

Techno Ecologies - Acoustic Space #11

To my surprise, I found an article I had submitted had been published without anyone telling me, or giving me the chance to correct any errors. Oh well, my first publication...

Electronic Voice Phenomenon – a C21st Sonic Fiction
Annie Goh

In the as-yet unwritten history of Sonic Fiction, dating back to the beginning of the world (sound of the big bang), via the speculative sonic experiences of our palaeolithic ancestors (Archaeoacoustics), Electronic Voice Phenomena can be regarded to appear as an irrelevant anomaly, a practice of paranormal fanatics trying to prove the supernatural through the voice-like artefacts of auditive media. However, it will be supposed that with a deeper media-archaeological understanding of techno ecologies, particularly dealing with Sonic Fiction since the proliferation of schizophonia (R Murray Schafer), taking crucial MythScience impetus from Kodwo Eshun's “Operating System for the Redesign of Sonic Reality”, Steve Goodman's third concept of “unsound” - that is, “sounds not yet heard”, and Vilém Flusser's zero-dimensional “techno-imagination”, it is proposed that EVP can in fact be understood as an organic consequence of the complexities of the technologized contemporary psyche, particularly given the specific characteristics of the auditory imagination.