Sunday, 21 February 2010

Michael Jackson's Ghost

"Reports are coming in from actual Michaeal Jackson fans, that Michael’s Ghost is visiting them! We are not making this up! Michael is visiting hi fans in dreams, in shadows of bedrooms, and even one report of Michaels poster seemingly coming to life!

Is this Michael’s ghost? What do you think? Write us and let us know!

Apparently Michael Jackson is more in touch with his fans than ever before! Perhaps for Michael, that truely is heaven."

Nov 13th 2009

"Michael lives on with his fans! Is it possible that the combined power of Michael Jackson’s fans can actually resurect his spirit? We love his music, videos, and even his Disney Show! There has been much speculation on this subject. The fact is no other celebrity, next to Elvis Presley has had such a following of devote fans. If every Michael Jackson were to concentrate on the very same image of Michael, simultaniously around the world; what would happen? What if everyone used their cell phone to send a text to each other with an image? Could that create an actual apparition of Michael? Could it go as far as summoning Michael from the spirit world?

These are all very good questions. I am sure there are Michael sightings the wor
ld over. We will keep our ears open for any sightings so keep checking back!"
Jan 4th 2010