Sunday, 12 February 2012

MythScience Methodology

"Imagine you are placed on earth. It is pitch black. You are given a compass to navigate yourself."

Sun Ra - Space Is the Place 1974 (Directed by John Coney)
"We are another order of being…We bring to you the mathematics of an alter destiny…Look up, see the greater universe…Everything is in place, every star every planet…Everything is in place but you planet earth!… Everything is in place, except you Planet Earth…You are, just like you always were, in your improper place… Living your improper lives and dying your improper deaths… Change your time for the unknown factors…Time passes away, but the unknown is immeasurable and never passes away… The unknown is eternal because you will never know, what it is all about…Your wisdom will be when you say, I do not know… Your ignorance will be your salvation""

"Better to deal with the people who have intuition now, you see they don't know what they're doing".