Friday, 31 August 2012

electromagnetic microcosm @ Campus Ars Electronica

Electromagnetic Microcosm
Ars Campus Sound Studies Exhibition
30.08 -03.09.2012

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Electronic Ghosts @ Electronic Voice Phenomena at FEED

Electronic Voice Phenomena presented by Mercy at FEED Berlin

An evening of experimental poetics, audio-visual performance and digital vocal plasms

Electronic Ghosts - A ongoing experiment to contact the ghost of Michael Jackson.

The installation Electronic Ghosts uses modern methods of EVP researchers, specifically the 'Speech Synthesis Method', such as that developed by German EVP researcher and software designer Stefan Bion. In this method, the spiritual entity is given auditive 'aids' of raw audio material cut up into small segments. By influencing the order of these, the communicating entity can subsequently form words with which to communicate with living beings. Auditive material sourced exclusively from samples of Michael Jackson reinforces the channels of communication and those with hearing tuned to identify EVP may make out words, phrases or messages.