Thursday, 19 July 2012

Limited Limitlessness - New findings in primitive digital art @ LEAP Berlin

Limited Limitlessness
New findings in primitive digital art

Following the utopic high of the nascent cyber age in the 1990s, came a natural slump in the emotional well-being of the subjects of the digital era. The tireless increases in speed, efficiency, ever sleeker interfaces and ever smaller devices, the spoilt children of this epoch no longer needed to economise with time and memory, as their mothers and fathers did. Plentiful memory space, processor speed, not to mention the "information" itself which is stored, duplicated, re-distributed via innumerous communication paths creates a vast horizon of possibilities which we now have at our finger tips. Yet instead of inducing the elation expected at these bountiful resources, it seems to the contrary to often stifle in its unendlessness.

Aware of the technological superiority of their computer companions, humans have begun to notice an unerring tendency, a savvy post-humanism which seeks to recompensate lost essences by favouring the indiscrete over the discrete. At the same time, the hypocrisy is clear as the everyday dependence on our technological devices increases, a love-hate man-machine relationship.  Such is the state of digital existentialism which contributes heavily to today's first world anxieties.  Techno-pornographic media arts accentuate this simultaneous fascination and disgust which presents itself as difficult to avoid.

The exhibition "Limited Limitlessness - New findings in primitive digital art" aims to expose these internal contradictions as well as embrace that which technology cannot or does not do. Amidst the practice of sterile media art, we find ourselves both as critical recipients and as propagators thereof. The works of the exhibition explore aspects of the artists' own primitive urges within computer-based art. 


AEAEAEAE and Stian Korntved RuudYair Elazar Glotman,

Annie Goh
Sascha HansePetja Ivanova
Karin Lustenberger
Tobias Purfürst and Pierce Warnecke

Opening Friday 20.07.2012, 20:00

Exhibition   21.07.-03.08., 12:00-18:00 Wed-Sat
Finissage 03.08., 20:00