Monday, 3 March 2014

Sonic Cyberfeminisms and Its Discontents

My article "Sonic Cyberfeminism and Its Discontents" was published in the CTM 2014 Festival Magazine "Dis Continuity".

In her text, "Sonic Cyberfeminism and its Discontents", Annie Goh takes gender inequalities in electronic music as her starting point to survey the hidden, and less-hidden prejudices which dominate the discourse surrounding it. With a historical look at cyberfeminism, as well as recent work on women in sound and electronic music, she examines the complexities of a debate situated between theory and practice within the festival theme of Dis Continuity .

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Myths of Echo: Sound Art and Archaeoacoustics @ OTSF Archaeoacoustics Conference, Malta

It was great to attend the first ever international conference on archaeoacoustics in Malta 19th-22nd Feb 2014. I did a poster presentation called "Myths of Echo: Sound Art and Archaeoacoustics".

Publication coming out in Summer 2014.